I Am Sensitive And Patient

I am naturally a sensitive person. I am highly aware of my surroundings. I am highly perceptive and notice the details of life. I notice things that others fail to see. This provides me with a rich and detailed life.

I am also sensitive to others. I quickly pick up on their emotions.

I am empathetic and sympathetic. I consider others when I make decisions. I choose my words and actions carefully. I understand the impact my behavior has on other people. I am considerate and kind.

I am a patient person. I find it easy to wait when I know that I have done all that I can. I avoid being impatient, because I know that it has zero effect.

I feel peaceful while waiting. I can enjoy my life even when things are taking longer than I think they should.

Being sensitive and patient makes my life more pleasant, peaceful, and relaxing. Others like to spend time with me because I am such a low-stress person.

Today, I am in tune with the needs and the emotions of others. I keep them in mind when I make decisions. I am practicing patience. I am determined to spend today being the most patient person the world has ever seen.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Who is the most patient person I know? How would my life be different if I were just as patient? What else stands out about this person?
  2. When am I insensitive? What can I do each day to be more sensitive to others?
  3. What do I fail to notice in life? What are the good things that I’m failing to notice and experience?

Other Affirmations

I Am Committed To Caring For Myself
I Have The Power To Control My Thoughts
I Appreciate My Ability To Remain Calm During Turbulent Times
I Choose To Be Positive Each Day
I Know How To Get The Most From My Life
Demonstrating Self-Reliance Increases My Confidence